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Joe Nickence Studio Workshops

"eXtended Realities & Microtasking"

Thanks for visiting! I offer a varied assortment of digital products and services:

VRML97/X3D Avatars

This is my cover page to connect to ongoing concepts and ideas I have worked on by myself, and with others that have crossed my path. Some of the material is original, and some is borrowed from the web and other sources. I've created links to the stuff I've borrowed. If you come across anything that you think needs a link back to another source, please leave me an e-mail and let me know.

I believe in pages having backwards compatibility. Not so much for allowing older computers to be able to read my work, but to allow smaller handheld units, such as PDAs, to be able to access all my content as well.

Thanks for visiting. Enjoy the concepts I present. If you want to e-mail me on any of my ideas, my address is at the bottom of each page.

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